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seems the most appropriate place for this

I don't make regular trips to the comic book store anymore, so I was surprised to discover that

1. Ted Naifeh started up a new ongoing Courtney Crumrin series last year

2. Ted Naifeh finished the story of Courtney Crumrin two weeks ago

I downloaded the first issue with the intent to get physical copies tomorrow, but, well, Comixology did that thing it does and I finished the series.

No spoilers, but it was a satisfying end to the series — consequences, emotional growth, and a path out of pain, misery and loneliness that didn't involve choking down sunshine and roses.

Or maybe I'm just projecting/enjoy being pandered to.
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Regression — but

On one hand, dealing with a minor adversity in your life by regressing into old behaviors (Shut up and Dance) is questionable.

One the other hand, those steps aren't going to dance themselves.

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Dancing Tonight?

I am disconnect from just about every scene possible these days. If I wanted to go dancing tonight, as in dancing to rhythmic music in a night club fashion (as opposed to ballroom) where would I go?
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Inappropriate Christmas Caroling

I stopped by the Lucky Lab to counteract my evening workout, and I found a group of Christmas Carolers singing songs like "Frosty The Pervert". Anyone here know is this is a regular Portland thing, or just a group of one-off ne'er-do-well.
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Another Set of Ruins

Thirty Five seems a bit old to be pushing bits around Livejournal's tumbleweeds. I'm not sure what's next, but it's not this. If you're looking for me you know where to find me, or leave me a comment/message here.