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Alana Ash

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seems the most appropriate place for this [Mar. 30th, 2013|05:26 am]
Alana Ash

I don't make regular trips to the comic book store anymore, so I was surprised to discover that

1. Ted Naifeh started up a new ongoing Courtney Crumrin series last year

2. Ted Naifeh finished the story of Courtney Crumrin two weeks ago

I downloaded the first issue with the intent to get physical copies tomorrow, but, well, Comixology did that thing it does and I finished the series.

No spoilers, but it was a satisfying end to the series — consequences, emotional growth, and a path out of pain, misery and loneliness that didn't involve choking down sunshine and roses.

Or maybe I'm just projecting/enjoy being pandered to.

[User Picture]From: diello
2013-04-03 04:24 pm (UTC)
Personally, I was pissed off that he ended it. It was supposed to be ongoing, and I feel like he rushed to end it. I was really looking forward to one of my favourite comics finally sticking around a while, but I think he didn't know how extremely rough it is to do a monthly and backed out.
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